Learning the Alphabet

My son is learning his letters!  I am so proud that he knows them!  I’m just not proud of how he learned them…

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Do you let your kids watch tv?

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22 Responses to Learning the Alphabet

  1. My 2 year old isn’t a tv watcher by nature, but most of his letter learning has come from the iPad, so same difference. Lol.

  2. Let’s face it.. as much as we try to pretend that the “old school ways” of learning is better.. it’s not.. technology is a huge learning boon that gets a lot of negative press. It’s how you use it.. if he’s sitting there watching tv shows that are obviously teaching him something, and you’re getting a moment to maintain your sanity… everyone is winning…. now if he’s sitting there watching some rated R movie .. that’s a different..
    My kids don’t get a lot of tv, but I do try to give them time on the computer for learning and whatnot. My son is excited about writing his own stories on the computer. My daughter is reading at a 2nd grade level in Kindergarten.. and although I do spend a lot of time with them reading, technology has boosted their ability to have information presented to them at THEIR level.. if that makes sense

  3. Shannon says:

    I used to think tv was no big deal, and I definitely know that my son has learned a lot from watching shows like bubble guppies and special agent oso. However, after doing some research I realized how detrimental it can be, so now we limit it to an hour a day. Check out my post today about how I turned off the television.

    • momtimes4 says:

      I don’t let him watch that much tv, just a few shows here and there so I can get something done around the house. 🙂

      • Shannon says:

        I totally get it. I started letting my son watch because I had newborn twins to care for. It’s just eventually it turned into a right instead of a privilege and so I decided to make a change. Definitely not criticizing in any way! Cheers

  4. freebutfun says:

    But you should be proud, I don’t think your child would have picked the alphabet up from the TV unless he was mature enough to learn it! And isn’t the best learning the one that comes without working for it?!

  5. Amber Perea says:

    Of course! I have heard the myriad of discussions and theories of behavioral scientists but I totally do! It’s fun and he loves it. Plus, it’s a HUGE bargaining tool. It’s my bribe for everything. 😉

  6. When I had my first child, I knew everything better. Than, my second child came along and suddenly I cursed at myself for having banned the tv for him as I desperately needed some time on my own in order to get things done. I know what they say. I think moderation is the key.

  7. April says:

    I have three adult kids. One loved Sesame Street, which thankfully came on during dinner preparation. The other two weren’t really into tv. I think, as parents, it is important to have other options available. It’s not that I had to moderate and guard the tv, they were drawn to activities instead of the life of a couch potato. BUT, that tv came in handy more than once.

  8. Before I had Mr. T I just knew I’d never allow the big purple dinosaur into my house. well, his babysitter did and Mr.T fell in love, so we had to watch them and oh my goodness, I loved Barney, he taught so many good lessons in a way that T could understand! It was awesome! And naturally, I took credit for his good behavior! 😉

  9. My kids watch old school Sesame Street. I find it soothes my own conscience when they watch seventies tv. It’s all about me, see.

  10. ohmygosh I snorted my tea, I’ve so had that moment LOL!!

  11. When J was born, I made this rule that he was allowed no television at all till he was two, and then only an hour a day. Then, my daughter was born. Now I just try and get by…

  12. Casey says:

    My son loves to hear rhymes from the Super Simple Songs collection. I usually play it on the I-PAD but its the same thing – isn’t it 🙂 Love your cartoons.

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