Things that excite a toddler

Toddlers are so fun.  They get excited over the little things in life.  I wish I was more like that.  Mondays are pretty exciting around here…

crazy mom, cartoon mom

Do your kids get excited over the little things?

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9 Responses to Things that excite a toddler

  1. Czechpolia says:

    Aha! There is a toddler on our street, no matter what amazing things are around him thinks the grass is waaaayy cooler!!

  2. LKZ says:

    My boy loves the garbage truck! He loves any trucks, really.

  3. fiammisday says:

    Ah ah ah you are always soooo funny!! Kisses dear!

  4. momocular says:

    Love this! I wish we could get excited so easily. 🙂

  5. My son is fascinated trash trucks too! He grabs his toy trash truck and sprints to the window when he hears one come to our neighborhood! 🙂

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