Kids are good for your self-esteem

Sometimes my kids can say just the right thing to make me feel better and boost my self esteem.  I love when that happens!

crazy mom, cartoon mom

Have your kids ever said something that made your self esteem improve?

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14 Responses to Kids are good for your self-esteem

  1. momocular says:

    My son once said, “Mom, you’re a genius!” I was very flattered. A few minutes later he said, “Mom, what’s a genius?” Oh well!
    My kids both sometimes tell me I’m the best mom ever, which does make me feel good.
    Glad I found your blog. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Yes, “I love you”, “I forgive you” and “You’re the best cooker in the world” 🙂

  3. Dean B says:

    My 3-year-old tells me that I’m the most beautiful mummy in the world 🙂 It’s sweet isn’t it?

  4. Awesome. Altho I just got, “Is your butt getting bigger?” which was not so good. ;P

  5. Last night after helping my son choreograph a dance routine for a tryout at school today I got the whole “I’m glad I wrote out the moves like you suggested – even though I really thought you were nuts at the time, I can see your point now!”

    I’ll take that!

  6. LKZ says:

    My daughter says to me, “You’re the best mom in the world!”
    Then she leaned in and whispered, “and I know some other mommies. “

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