Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday.  That means it is the start of lent and the day to get ashes on our foreheads.  I think I needed to review the process before we went to church….

crazy mom, cartoon mom

Do you get ashes?

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8 Responses to Ash Wednesday

  1. I do! I’m taking my 4 year old to get ashes as well.

  2. A co – worker just whispered that I had a smudge on my forehead.

  3. We do, but I couldnt get away from work earlier. 😦

  4. aviets says:

    Hahaha…yes, we belong to a liturgical denomination that observes Ash Wednesday. Your picture and caption remind me of when I was helping serve communion on Christmas Eve just this past year. Of course, at least half the people coming through my station were people I’d never seen before, and who obviously had no experience with communion. Obviously thatl’s fine – really great, even. But it was funny to watch. No clue what to do with the wafer, putting it into their mouth and then realizing they were supposed to dip it in the chalice first, trying to force kids to take communion when they didn’t have a clue and really didn’t want to. One mom even said to her daughter, “That was your first time. Was it fun?” Working in a church can be pretty funny. 🙂
    -Amy at

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