My toddler won’t nap

I’m loosing my mind this week!  Well, I actually I probably lost that a long time ago.  I have a high needs 2 year old who is going though a very cranky 2 week phase.  Nearly all day is a struggle for me.  When I finally get him down for a nap is literally time to rejoice!

Do you ever do a silent dance when your cranky child finally falls asleep?

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18 Responses to My toddler won’t nap

  1. Yesterday i was having one of those days.
    Loving the dance moves !

  2. Mines more a collapse in a heap kind of dance with a few ‘yays!’ thrown in!

  3. I do! Mine involves a bit of a booty shake though.. 😉

  4. Ha ha! There is no better feeling when nap time rolls around! Mine involves a few air punches! And always a collapse on the sofa with coffee and chocolate. Hope you have a better day tomorrow x

  5. There are still times that all of the sudden the house is quiet and I walk back to discover Mr. T has fallen asleep – all of the sudden a world of possibilities enter my mind – I can do this or I can do that!

    I end up on the couch catching up on my DVR’d shows…

  6. I had the often dreamed of, not frequently had, two kid nap afternoon yesterday. It was glorious, but stressful. I didn’t know how to most adequately spend that time, when I relaxed, I felt guilty for not cleaning up the dishes, when I cleaned up the dishes, I longed for the DVR. Eventually I just ate chocolate and it made it all ok.

  7. Ronit Fried says:

    I did a dance too. The choreography was quite simple – collapse and don’t get up until you hear the sounds of a screaming toddler.

  8. Elle says:

    Haha! I used to when I had 2 or all 3 of them nap at the same time. But now when 13mo naps I still have 2yo and 4yo to contend with. Nice blog, I found it through “Free but Fun”‘s award nomination post.

  9. 🙂 love your dance!
    & when mine falls asleep (like now), it’s when I finally open my laptop & watch my soap operas
    love it when he takes nap but some days I can’t get him to take one! 🙂

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