Ice Cream Sundaes

Do you like to eat ice cream?  I do!  It’s one of my favorite treats.  Before we had children, my husband and I would have romantic dates at the ice cream shop.  Ah, the memories!  Now things are a bit different…

crazy mom 280

Do you like ice cream?

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14 Responses to Ice Cream Sundaes

  1. I love ice cream dh and i also do ice cream dates.

  2. I don’t like to share my ice cream! Especially with Mr. T – he’ll eat it all and I’ll just have the melted stuff at that bottom!

    • momtimes4 says:

      Ha Ha!! I am sort of possessive about my ice cream too!

      • I can share a lot of things, but don’t drink my last diet coke, if I offer you a tater tot and you say no, you can’t change your mind later and I will always order my own ice cream and you can only have a bite to taste if I get the same from you!

        And reading that list back to check for spelling errors I realized how selfish I am! LOL

      • momtimes4 says:

        Ha Ha! I don’t like to share dinners at restaurants. I like to get my own thing. I have no idea why! I also don’t like to share DQ blizzards. Those are my favorite treats and I want it all. LOL!

  3. sillyliss says:

    I sneak all my ice cream after hours! (True story.)

  4. Winding road says:

    We are ice cream fanatics, the owner of Baskin Robbins knows us all by name and flavor 🙂 I worked there in high school so I am an ice cream expert 😉

  5. same here, once in a while hubby prepares a bowl of it for the two of us when Nate is asleep and don’t know why but that’s when Nate decides to wake screaming from his bedroom; it ruins all the romance 😉

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