The Pumpkin Patch

Do you take your kids to the pumpkin patch?  I do!  It’s so fun.  People can pick pumpkins, go on hay rides, and visit the farm.  I like to let my kids pick their own pumpkins out…

crazy mom 278

Do you go to the pumpkin patch??

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5 Responses to The Pumpkin Patch

  1. Winding road says:

    Lol! yes, that’s it 😉

  2. Sarah says:

    Yep, we go..Sometimes several times during the Fall. It’s definitely something we all enjoy!
    The orchard here is open from April-the end of October so we go all year long for fruits, veggies and treats. It’s an awesome place. I think Fall time is the most popular and fun time there though 🙂

  3. ha!ha! super funny, love the cartoon! 🙂

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