The Joy of Owning a Beagle

Do you own a beagle?  Maybe you have another type of dog.  Either way, dogs are great companions.  Our dog is a gentle and sweet beagle.  She never cares if our little ones get rough with her.  There’s just one annoying thing about her…

crazy mom 275

Does your dog roll in smelly stuff??

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14 Responses to The Joy of Owning a Beagle

  1. I have a Greyhound who favours Parfum de Fox and Eau de Badger – both difficult to remove and the smell lingers for weeks even after I’ve washed off the actual poo!

  2. hahahahahaha – Thank goodness mine is pretty well contained in the back yard and doesn’t have the option to roll around in anything too stinky! I never realized what a blessing that was before now!

  3. sillyliss says:

    Yes! Beagle mix over here!

  4. don says:

    Hilarious! I suddenly heard my wife going bonkers upstairs and thought to myself, “geez, what now?” My daughter came downstairs and said that mom needed the dog shampoo because Carly rolled around in some poop somewhere. Lol!

  5. I grew up with a beagle named Baxter. Cutest thing ever but way too smart for his own good. He climbed on top of counters and got into food. I’ll never forget the day he ate a whole batch of my chocolate chop cookies! He also learned how to open the fridge and would help himself to food in there too. Oh man he was a handful and is still going 15 years later. He’s eaten way too much human food in his life, but nothing seems to get him down ;). Despite his not so good manners, I love that dog to pieces!

  6. Ha! Ha! I’ve had an all white Havanese (about the same size as a Beagle) for almost four years, and she has definitely rolled around in some smelly stuff a few times. I will never understand what the attraction is to them!

  7. ha!ha! yes, almost every morning when we are out in the yard with the baby one of my pups has to roll on something (stinky pups) 😉

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