Lost Sippy Cups

Have you ever had a sippy cup or bottle go missing?  It’s really annoying, especially if the cup has milk in it…

crazy mom 259

Have you ever lost a sippy cup??

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18 Responses to Lost Sippy Cups

  1. Winding road says:

    ooooh yes! my son hides his sippies with milk. I often find it a day or 2 later and it gags me…all that curdled milk. ugh, i’m gagging just thinking about it. And its always in the most random spots.

  2. And even after you found it… the smell tends to linger for awhile….. yuck!

  3. Valerie says:

    I found a cloth that hadn’t made into the launrdy hamper (but behind it) and it had been used to ripe up milk…a week or so before. I only found it because I had to locate the source of the SMELL!! Blah

  4. My wife’s car gets the old hidden sippy cup from time to time. Awful.

  5. Yes, too many times
    I ask hubby to look for it, he never finds it, we find them the next day and oh! it doesn’t smell good! 😉

  6. Not only once, quite a few times unfortunately! The smell is out of this world…I even had to throw a cup away once!

  7. Uggh the smell is the worst! I lost one under the couch for a while, and couldn’t locate the stench. When I finally found it, I swear a week had gone by. In the summer. In the heat. It had passed curdled at that point, and resembled cheese.

  8. This happens to us at least once a day. And I usually end up finding the old cup right after I pull out a new one to use….sigh….I had one roll under the front seat in our car once and I didn’t realize it until a few days later I started randomly smelling wine (it was grape juice that had started fermenting in the fantastic Florida heat)! But the worst is when you lose a cup of milk and it takes a few days and then you have a cup of cottage cheese! YUCK!

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