Lost Child!

Happy Monday!  Thank you for all your sweet responses to my daughter’s guest post over the weekend.  She read every comment and loved all of them!  Today I have another Reader Inspired Cartoon.  You know I love these!  Today’s idea comes from the wonderful blogger journey2dfuture.

Have you ever lost a toddler in the grocery store?  If you haven’t, your time is coming!  Ha Ha!

crazy mom 256

Have you ever lost a child somewhere??

Send me your idea for a cartoon and I will feature you on a Reader Inspired Cartoon Monday.  You don’t have to be a blogger, readers are welcome to send ideas too!  Just email me at momtimes4blog@yahoo.com  I love hearing from you!

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9 Responses to Lost Child!

  1. Sarah says:

    No!!! lol..Never have and hopefully never will! I’d be so terrified!

  2. Adriana says:

    This weekend during shower I thought: do U take shower, have dinner, comb your hair, brush your theeth when U want or late night when kids finally are sleeping? This was because I do not have a routine to do this things! Even my biological “needs” is when the kids let me do! Hellllp!
    I live in Brazil and have twin 6yrs girls and a toddler boy (12 months)

  3. not yet and hope not soon! my little one loves running around in the stores and I’m always scared to lose him there! but I remember when we lost my brother at the airport years ago (he was 5), my mom was screaming (he was sitting by himself at a restaurant table when we found him) ha!ha!

  4. I haven’t lost one at the grocery store (though I have had to leave a cart on another aisle while chasing Big Trouble), but I did “lose” my daughter in our tiny house when she was a toddler. Turns out she figured out that I didn’t shut the laundry room door all of the way while I was getting a load of clothes out and she slipped inside before I shut the door without me even realizing it. I screamed out for her/ran through the house for 5 minutes thinking she had been kidnapped while I was in the laundry room. I think that was the only time she has been silent in her life. I found her once she started laughing. Good times.

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