Mom Job Description

Being a mom is a job.  What if our job was advertised in the newspaper?  What would it say?

crazy mom 235

What else would you add to the list?

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24 Responses to Mom Job Description

  1. jscowan says:

    You are on call 24/7/365. It’s much more physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding than any office job.

  2. Winding road says:

    There will be no breaks. Do not ask for any and if you try to take one in any form, the children will know and will come from out of nowhere to put an immediate stop to it.

  3. Possibility for promotion in about 25 years when you become a grandparent.

  4. Official job title is Mom, but duties of the following job titles may also be required: therapist, nurse, secretary, maid

  5. Must be willing to have company at all times when you enter the bathroom.

  6. Kaela Moore says:

    Must be okay with not using the bathroom alone for at least several years. Must have the stomach and know-how to clean up pee/poo/puke/snot/etc. Must be able to administer medicine although baby is screaming and punching and wants nothing more than to be left alone. Must be ready to let things go and laugh as frequently as possible, because every child is a little comedian. Also, must be able to laugh at oneself, but you will inevitably do something stupid at some point. 😉

  7. The end of pregnancy does not mean the end to sharing your body with another small individual- it is only the start! You will now be pulled, poked, prodded, stepped on, licked, perhaps even bit if not careful (or even if careful!) The worry about you being tired, hurt, or hungry is not a remote concern of the little bosses. They do make up for it with their smiles and funny moments though it be a all consuming job.

  8. ha!ha! hilarious! I love all the comments left by everyone too! 🙂 read it to hubby as well! 🙂 ha!ha! you should write one for dad job description 🙂

  9. Sarah Almond says:

    Wiping skills are a plus.

  10. kelsilowman says:

    Pay: Hugs, Kisses, Spit-up, and Poop

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