Are you always honest?  I think I am an honest person.  But, aren’t there times when it’s not really appropriate to be totally honest?

crazy mom 232

Are you always honest?

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19 Responses to Honesty

  1. hahaha!!! Yes! No stranger making small talk would ever want to hear my truth!!!

  2. I greet everyone every morning at work.. and when people tell me their problems I only half listen. You’d be surprised how much people will over share O.O. As for myself. I always say I’m doing great and getting better. Even if I’m having a rough day, in a broader sense I’m having a good life and that usually makes a bad day feel trivial

  3. Winding road says:

    Ha!! Yes, and those times I smile and say, “great! how are you?” almost too enthusiastically. 🙂

  4. Valerie says:

    LOL! There are definitely times that honesty would be a mistake! 😛

  5. When someone asks, I automatically answer. “I’m well, thank you. How are you?” Most people want to talk about themselves anyway, and if they answer, I make a point to listen, after all, I asked! If I didn’t want to know then I shouldn’t have posed the question! Lol and this works well because once someone starts telling you about them, they forget that they asked you in the first place… So I never have to worry about the honesty vs sharing too much dilemma! 🙂

  6. People can’t handle my honesty….

  7. I am honest to my family & friends. To the people that are important to me. With the rest I am just casually friendly as I know that they ask out of courtesy.

  8. 🙂 ha!ha! got a call from an old friend earlier today and I told her I was doing GRRREAT! ha!ha! while I had my little man screaming in the background 🙂
    wish you a great weekend! 🙂

  9. I Am Jasmine Kyle says:

    I always tell them I’m terrible! LOL But I know all of them by name! I love my grocery store workers!

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