Vacations With Kids

Vacationing with kids is not easy.  Seriously, why do any of us even try it?  It’s not really a vacation, it’s more like a “stress-cation”.  On our recent vacation, I discovered that there are 5 stages to vacationing with children.

crazy mom 230

What are your stages to vacationing with children??

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14 Responses to Vacations With Kids

  1. 1. Did you bring food?
    2. Are we there yet?
    3. Do we have more food?
    4. Parents fight because we did not bring more food.


  2. newbloggycat says:

    The 5 stages is very much like the ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ for parents on vacationing 😉

  3. Valerie says:

    LOL! Kids are so funny about wanting tv (which they could have at home) while on vacation. 🙄

  4. whatthemom says:

    Pretty much the same. This last time after coming back from camping, as we were unpacking the car in the heat my daughter asked “Can we go somewhere today?”.

  5. Stress-cation! Perfect description!

  6. Anka says:

    Yes! The first thing my kid’s ask if there’s a Disney Channel. As if they need watch MORE television during vacation. We usually tell them, “I don’t know. Let’s check later.”

  7. My kids were so excited when one of the hotels we stayed at had a pull out couch!

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