Things I Never Thought I Would Say

I am trying something new this August.  Every Tuesday I am going to make a cartoon about “Things I Never Thought I Would Say”.  Haven’t you said something as a parent that you can’t believe you just uttered?  I do this all the time.  That is why this needs to take more than one post!  Today’s picture involves something that I have said a lot this summer.  It’s kind of gross…

crazy mom 222

Do your kids do this??

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20 Responses to Things I Never Thought I Would Say

  1. linbritt says:

    I’m a teacher and I once said to a student “You’re behaving like a child!” and he replied “I am a child!” (I meant, Stop behaving like a little kid!)

  2. whatthemom says:

    Oh yes, everyone has to sample the other flavor that they didn’t get!

  3. I have to tell mine to stop licking each other…

  4. this is funny, my son has one in his hands and always gets mine too! 🙂

  5. Kids just love to share food full stop. Im looki.g forward to the next cartoons, how draw them anyway ?

  6. The other day I told my son “stop thinking and just do your homework”. Not kidding, those words came out of my mouth! (To be fair, we was over-thinking things and making it harder than it was!)

  7. I don’t even care if they lick each others popsicles as much as I do when my 2 year old drops his in the dirt and then picks it up and continues to eat it! How can that even taste good??

  8. One day, many years ago, my daughter came out of her brothers bedroom and I had to say “Get your brother’s underwear off your head…it is not a hat!” My son is now 17 and my daughter is 11, but it seems like it was just yesterday 🙂

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