Whose drink is that?

We like to go to the park during the summer.  The girls really love to go on the swings and my sons like the sand.  We go to the park in the evening after dinner so I don’t usually bring snacks and drinks with us.  Sometimes my youngest is pretty resourceful…

crazy mom 213

Have your kids ever picked up food or drinks that were laying on the ground??

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18 Responses to Whose drink is that?

  1. sillyliss says:

    LOL! Both my girls have picked up so many weird things at the park. I find them playing with discarded hair bands, shoes, garbage. Oy!

  2. We have this problem in the house. E comes in with a cup. “Did you make her a cup?” “No, did you?” Ew, old under-the-couch cup!

  3. I’d like to say that this behavior stops when they get older, but it doesn’t. My teenage comes in with stuff all the time that he didn’t leave the house with!

  4. My mother tells a horrific story of how, while at a rattlesnake festival as a toddler (seriously, who takes their toddling baby to a rattlesnake festival of all things?!) I somehow picked up a beer bottle off of the curb and drank from it. Guuuuuugh…it seriously makes me shudder to this day. However, I didn’t suffer any ill effects, so clearly it just served to build up my immunities! 🙂

  5. For a long time, if I could get my hands on something, it would inevitably get into my mouth. To hear my mom tell it, I’ve eaten sand, bugs, old gums…yeah yum… Now, I have to watch my (now mobile) 8 month old because he does the same thing. I swear, I need to grow eyes all around my head and develop Inspector Gadge-like arms…

  6. Yes! unfortunately and in front of strangers too 🙂 ha!ha!

  7. So funny! Building the immune system one germ at a time!

  8. zander1001 says:

    I used to worry when my toddler picked stuff up off the floor at all when she was a baby.Now at nearly 2, I use the 10 second rule…if she dropped it and picks it up fairly quickly I’m not bothered. She’s never ( I think!) managed to get to someone else’s old food yet….there’s still time! Soft play, I’m looking at you! 😉

  9. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

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