Sticky Situation

Do you like to watch television?  I do at night, especially after a long day.  Sometimes when I grab the remote I am reminded of the lollipop my child ate earlier that day…

crazy mom 205

Have you ever touched a sticky remote??

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10 Responses to Sticky Situation

  1. Winding road says:

    yes, or the crumby snack she had or the yogurt I reluctantly let her eat on the couch. Then as I sit to relax and watch Seinfeld, I get up again to wipe it all off. No rest for mamas 😉

  2. If you can find the remote! Under cushions, in beds, once my son hard it so tightly gripped in his hand that he took it all the way to the supermarket without noticing!

  3. Sarah Almond says:

    Oh goodness yes! Sticky remotes are part of the motherhood package!

  4. oh! yes! many times ha!ha! that’s when I also realize that there is a sticky ‘something’ not too far away 🙂

  5. Valerie says:

    LOL! Why is it that I think these things are just happening to me until I read others talking about it? (or drawing comics about it 😉 )

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