Pre-Baby Clothes

Yesterday I decided to clean my basement.  Crazy, I know.  Anyway, I found a box of clothes that were from my “pre”-baby days.  Let’s just say it was not a confidence builder…

crazy mom 208

Do you wear your pre-baby clothes?

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32 Responses to Pre-Baby Clothes

  1. lynnc2010 says:

    I kind of wear my pre baby clothes… I can get into my pre baby #3 clothes. And some pre baby #2. But not pre baby #1 lol!

  2. This comment really isn’t going to make you feel good. Sorry 😦 I wore pre-baby cloths one week after I had the baby and slowly over time they have become to big so I’ve had to buy smaller :/

  3. One of the pluses to being a plus sized mama is that I didn’t stop wearing some of my pre-baby clothes… I lost weight during each of my pregnancies (yay), but my butt has never been small in my entire life (boo). Now my college clothes are a different story. When I had a free gym and a salad bar a few feet from my housing… Yeah, can’t wear those clothes. I was still plus sized, but my hips hadn’t done the baby spread yet.

  4. I can wear my pre-baby clothes (and I know I am in the minority here), but I’ll tell you, after the first one, it took my body awhile to get back to close to where it was (just in time for #2). I was surprised because no one ever mentioned that your belly doesn’t automatically disappear after the kid comes out and I left the hospital staring at my belly that still looked pretty pregnant! Quite the shocker for me! (I was pretty excited that Kate Middleton came out of the hospital yesterday looking the same way and showing the reality of life after pregnancy!) My 2nd was much smaller than my first so I didn’t have as much of a problem that time and the 3rd basically came out running so I exercise a lot without intending to! haha! But, now I feel too old for a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes so I don’t wear most of them even though I could. Is that weird?!

  5. Winding road says:

    I can wear most of the pre baby clothes but they fit different:are tighter or looser in places they weren’t before. Like the leftover baby belly jiggle pushes pants down and the hips have a hard time keeping them up. So, yes, I can wear them and do but just have to do more adjustments than before 😉 Plus, I had more of a flowy hippy skirt style before kids and just felt like a mom trying to look young when I wore my prebaby clothes post baby, so I “mom-ed” my style a bit.

  6. Winding road says:

    By “mom-ed” style, I do not mean “mom” jeans, reeboks and applique sweatshirt. lol

  7. I do wear my pre-baby clothes now but some of them fit differently and some of them look different because I wore some of my shirts while I was pregnant…they are permanently stretched out needless to say ;). Babies change our bodies but they are totally worth it 🙂 I love all your creative pictures by the way! Hannah

  8. I don’t think I even own any of my pre-baby clothes because I gave up long ago that I would ever fit into them again and like Courtney said most of those clothes were dress pants, blazers and blouses. I definitely don’t need those anymore!

  9. Valerie says:

    Oh my word, I LOVE that drawing!! 😀
    I am smaller now than I was before having Maggie or Joshua, but not as small as I was before having Samuel (I lost 25 lbs between J and S). I still have about 10 lbs to go!

  10. I did and now after I decided to stay home, I don’t , it’s sad but hey! it’s OK right? 😉

  11. Oh hell no, right before I fell pregnant I was my smallest size ever, I don’t even think I can fit my foot in those trousers now!
    Best way to deal with it is become pregnant again 😉 I now have an excuse I dont fit them for another 20 weeks! (or a year or so)

  12. Oh dear. Well here’s my thing. I was in the hospital for a week after I had L, and they had a scale in the hallway. On our last day, I hopped on and I had already lost all of the baby weight I had gained.
    ** Full disclosure disclaimer: I lost 14lbs in my first trimester because I was so ill, gained that back, plus an extra 17lbs, so I really only had 17lbs to lose. BUT! I was no little princess beforehand, I was overweight to begin with so really, I didn’t look that skinny lol.

    I still haven’t lost my mommy marsupial pouch as I call it. All that extra tummy skin won’t go away! Neither will my stretch marks.
    While I have lost the weight, my SHAPE is not the same at all, therefore I don’t fit in to most of my pre-pregnancy clothes anymore. 😦

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