Do you bribe your children?  I do.  I’m not ashamed about it.  Seriously, it has made me survive the summer.  I know my kids should just do things because it’s the right thing to do.  But, sometimes they need a nudge in the right direction…

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Do you bribe your children??

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23 Responses to Bribery

  1. Sure, and it comes in different forms. I didn’t give them money to read, but we always signed up at the local library to enter the Book Reading Summer program, which offered free books and prizes according to how many books they read. same diff and it worked. Yea.

  2. I’m more into threats! “If you don’t clean up your room; we are not going to the pool this afternoon.” I feel like an army sergeant this summer!

  3. Yeap, I definitely bribe my kids, I just give it a different name: motivation!

  4. mrskatystacy says:

    Well I can’t speak from experience seeing as how a two month old isn’t bribed by much more than milk, but I can totally see myself doing this when he’s older! I know it worked on my younger brother when I wanted something… “I’ll give you five dollars if you clean my room for me” worked for much longer than it should have, especially since he didn’t often actually receive any money from me. Maybe I should send him a lump sum now that I’ve got it?

  5. sillyliss says:

    Daily. Mostly just to get her into her car seat.

  6. Happy Meal always works for my kids 😀

  7. Valerie says:

    Haha, I prefer to call them “incentives”… 😉
    For the month of July, I have offered an “incentive” to Joshua if he reads for 30 minutes each weekday. One week it’s that he gets to have a game night with me and stay up until 10pm on Saturday, another week it’s that he gets to go out for ice cream with just him and Daddy on Saturday, etc. Simple stuff like that, but it sure has kept him reading!
    I plan to do the same with Maggie for Pre-Algebra in August (for good attitude and effort). 😀

  8. mamacita says:

    We are not “supposed” to are we…but I think most of us do in some shape or form. Wrote about this issue on my blog too! Titled ‘ bribe and punishment’ !
    Love the visuals!,

  9. ha!ha! I bribe him with TV and tell him if he doesn’t do something, he won’t go outside again! I know, I know I’m a terrible mommy! 😉

  10. Bribes, threats and promises. All of these and more.

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