The Dad Uniform

A while back I wrote about The Mom Uniform.  You know the outfit most of us wear the majority of the time.  Well, I decided I needed to document the Dad Uniform.  My husband literally wears the same thing when he is not working.  It is funny because his father has the same uniform so when they are together they look like twins.

crazy mom 199

What do the dads around you wear??

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14 Responses to The Dad Uniform

  1. My dh wears the same jeans and polo t shirt. Even when going to work.

  2. Valerie says:

    He has a bleached, holy painters’ shirt he wears, that’s just lovely. 🙄 He insists it is comfortable and he’s not willing to toss it!
    He doesn’t always wear that, though. He normally wears short-sleeved polo shirts and grey, comfy pants with loafers. He has a uniform he has to wear to work, with hat and boots included (and looks quite sexy!), but at home he is definitely a relaxed guy. 😉

  3. Sandals with socks! Oh my giddy aunt. My dad used to do the same.

  4. ha!ha! this is hubby’s uniform, minus the socks and my dad’s uniform too with the socks+sandals ha!ha! 🙂

  5. My Dad wear the socks with sandals. My husband leaves this part out but he does wear both a holey t-shirt and holey cargo shorts! Both of which I want to throw away but he won’t let me! He literally looks like a hobo on the weekends!

  6. Polo/tshirt (either would probably be old) and cargos or jeans with sneakers. Although, I am pretty set in my mom uniform so who am I to judge? 🙂 haha!

  7. Winding road says:

    My husband too. He’s like Mr. Rogers…he has a M, T, W, TR, F work shirt and then puts on the same outfit (although he refuses to use the word “outfit”) when he gets home.

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