Another Mathematical Equation

Several months ago I wrote about a mathematical equation.  Well, I have another one to share with you.  This one involves a sandbox.  Do any of you have a sandbox at your house?  They are so great for kids.  They are lots of fun if you don’t mind finding sand all over the place and having to give your kids baths a few times a day.  My youngest son LOVES the sandbox.

crazy mom 197

Do your kids like the sandbox??

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21 Responses to Another Mathematical Equation

  1. My kid LOVES anything that is outside. Keeping her indoors can be quite challenging if there’s any sort of window nearby.

  2. No sand here this year. But its on the list as a must next spring / summer and autum. Just curious as to what age you started letting you boy play in it? My guy ia currently 10 months and very active hes walking already.

  3. Yes for both of mine. Here we call it a sandpit which is quite fitting as it can be the pits at times like when they take their shoes off inside and leave little sand dunes on the carpet. I am lucky though that both of mine never ate the stuff.

  4. We have a sandbox which all of the kids play in plus they play in the dirt and add water to that so I guess that makes it mud. I have sand and mud to clean up all of the time!

  5. Valerie says:

    Oh yes, Sam loves the sand too! 😛

  6. Sarah Almond says:

    Yes they do! Unfortunately so do the neighborhood cats!

  7. :-)oh! yes mine loves it and like you he’s up really early every morning and he asks ‘outside, outside’, so there we go outside with the dogs too 🙂

  8. sillyliss says:

    I hate the sandbox!! Every day, Sidrah goes into the sandbox at her childcare center and every day I ask her if she went in the sandbox. Every day she tells me no. Then on the way home, I hear a mischievous smile in her voice when she tells me, “Mommy. I went in the sandbox at school today.” And I say, “Oh great, what a surprise.” And she says, “I just took my shoes off and now sand everywhere.” Gahhhhhhhhhh. %&#^$#$

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