Paradox of Emotions

Well, I guess I am due for a sappy post – so here it is!  My 6 year old son just lost his first tooth yesterday.  Certainly a milestone!  He was so excited.  I was happy for him, but a little sad inside too.  After all, his baby tooth smile would never be the same.  ** Cue the parental tears **  There are just some things that are happy and sad at the same time…

crazy mom 178

What moments are happy and sad for you??

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13 Responses to Paradox of Emotions

  1. keladelaide says:

    When I get told, ‘you can go now,’ before the bell rings at the beginning of the school day. 😐

  2. My 9 year old daughter asked me a question about something completely ridiculous (science related) that she must have learned at school that day and I wasn’t able to BS my way through an answer for her because she flat told me that I was wrong. 😦 I’m happy that she’s learning so much and is a bright little girl, but sad that she knows that daddy doesn’t know everything like she used to believe.

  3. And we suck at tooth fairy visits in my house! Once that first one goes, they all do. We got a whole mess of Sakeguea coins from the bank and now that’s what the TF brings for all the subsequent teeth. She likes those coins.

  4. Valerie says:

    Weaning has been especially hard for me!

  5. I recently had to change all of my eldest’s hangers from the “kid” hangers to regular adult ones because his shirts are now so big! And the day I did it, I sat on the floor of his room and cried.

  6. Brittany says:

    Right now Im having a hard time because my 17 month old would rather not eat than have help getting a bite on his fork. Im loving that he wants to be independant (because I might get a hot meal in my future) but so sad that he wants to be independant!

  7. Someone once told me that we try so hard to remember the firsts, but we never remember the lasts (the last time they breastfed, the last time they fell asleep on your chest, the last time they crawled into your bed for a snuggle…) Those are bitterweet for me because I know they happened, but they’re lost forever.

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