The Purple Dinosaur

Well, folks…my son loves Barney.  We had some old dvds around from my younger children, and out of desperation I played one for our youngest child.  He LOVED it.  It was like angels came singing out of the clouds.  Now he is obsessed with it!  I am not a mom who turns tv on to entertain my children much.  I usually just do it for a treat or reward.  Well, it has gotten to the point where we have to use a code name for Barney around here because he knows what “Barney” means.  We secretly call Barney, “Arnold”.  My 9 year old daughter came up with that.   Don’t get me wrong, I like Barney.  It’s just that his music and lack of plot line can wear me down…

crazy mom 162

What shows do your kids like??

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24 Responses to The Purple Dinosaur

  1. OHhhhhhh! I remember Barney so well. My adult children grew up with that being the only show they watched. We sang “I love you, you love me” for years. I can picture it just like yesterday!

  2. my kids used to LOVE that show! it must be the cute face and bright colours! x

  3. As much as I am annoyed by Barney, I will take him over Caillou any day! 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    Monkey 1 hated it, monkey 2 enjoyed it, monkey 3 loved it, monkey 4 not so much cried when it was on, we have one. More monkey to test

  5. My kids (unfortunately) also went through a lengthy Barney phase (actually it may only have been a few days, but it took years off my life). Amazing how the lyrics to that song change when the kids reach double digits. I won’t repeat the whole thing here, but my 10-year-old belts out a questionable rendition whose last line is now “Sorry, kids, but Barney’s dead.”

    P.S. Agreed…Barney may be irritating, but Caillou is a whiny little brat who is banned from our household, along with Spongebob Squarepants, who, I’m convinced, actually kills brain cells as you watch him…

  6. Valerie says:

    That show is one that my husband and I decided we would skip from the time Maggie was a baby! There are just enough other shows on! haha So, I’ve never had to endure the music or his voice! BUT we substituted it with the Wee Sing dvds which are equally annoying! 😉

  7. mummyshymz says:

    Thankfully my kids don’t watch Barney (because they don’t know him – I sort of banned him in my home). Right now, they watch Dora and team Oomi-zoomi on nick jr channel. Not too bad…

  8. I’ve had to endure Barney almost every day for the past 7 years. As soon as one child dubbed him as too “babyish” the next child picked him up. I think we should be Barney free in a year or two!

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