Time to “Spring Ahead” Your Clocks

Well here we are at the spring time change.   I guess that means Spring is around the corner.  I don’t like time changes.  It always takes me a while to adjust to one simple change of an hour.   I don’t know why!

crazy mom 160

Do you like the time change??

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14 Responses to Time to “Spring Ahead” Your Clocks

  1. Hate the time change! My kids woke up at 6 this morning like they always do….only it was really only 5! Grrrr….This means that they will be going to bed at 8, even though it is really only 7!

  2. I like this change more than the winter change. The latter depresses me big time. Though getting them to bed will be more challenging (as if we need bedtime to be MORE challenging)!

  3. NO! I understood the rationale of it back in the olden days. There is really no reason for them to do it now. I wish they’d just pick a time and keep it-it’s either daylight savings time all the time or it’s not, all the time!

  4. First time dealing with a time change since my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. Somehow I miscalulated how to compensate and ended up totally screwing up her shot times and meals today. Hopefully I can figure it out tomorrow!

  5. Oh you are dead on….I had such a hard time getting the youngest to sleep last night AND here it is 6 am when normally everyone is awake by their own accord and today EVERYONE is still sleeping! Now I’m going to have to go around waking everyone up and I’m sure deal with moans and groans!

  6. sillyliss says:

    I don’t know anybody who likes the time change. Why do we still do this???

  7. We’re about to “fall back” down here. A whole extra hour of sleep: yippee!

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