Did you get a lot of advice when you were pregnant?  Advice about how you should enjoy your free time, sleep now before the baby arrives, enjoy time with your husband/wife?  That advice always annoyed me.  I mean, it was just a baby!  I would still have time to do all those things once the baby arrived! Right??

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Did you get advice when you were pregnant??

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25 Responses to Advice

  1. oh boy…I got the ‘sleep as much as you can now’ advice and I DID NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO IT….I wish I had

  2. Oh yeah! Because of it, I don’t give advice to pregnant people…

  3. I loved being pregnant. Sometimes when I hear a woman I know complain about the pregnancy and that she can’t wait until it’s over and hopes the baby comes early I do (sometimes) say, “Well, they are easier to take care of on the inside than when they come out.” I usually say this only in response to pregnancy complaints. Otherwise I try not to volunteer how hard it is. I just think in my head, “Oh honey.” I don’t remember getting much advice when I was pregnant, though. I do remember having the understanding that I would need coverage at all times when I left the house once the baby was born and my husband and I went out to eat a lot before the baby was born for that reason. We tried to do things we knew we couldn’t do without coverage after the baby came. But I was pretty mature thinking and I was grown, the baby was planned. I knew as much as a person could what I was getting into. When I run into someone who doesn’t seem to have a clue, I just think, “Oh honey.”

  4. Like Sadder but Wiser: no advice here. Because you just don’t get any of it until you’re there! (But yes, I do think it in my head, a lot!)

  5. sillyliss says:

    The pregnancy advice didn’t bug me as much as the new baby advice. “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” People always say it when clucking their tongue, like they know what’s what. Well, my babies didn’t sleep. Ever. And neither did I. Advice taken!!!

  6. pinkbekah says:

    The best advice I received was to trust my own instincts as a mom and to not blindly follow what the experts (doctors, teachers) said if I felt something was really wrong.
    The worst was to not baby wear because it might spoil my baby and delay their physical development.
    Advice/opinions are like a butts, everyone’s got one and most of them stink. 😉

  7. Oh! yes, I did, every day at work “get a lot of sleep and a lot of rest, because you won’t sleep anymore”, I should’ve listen 🙂 ha!ha!

  8. kbmomma24 says:

    Oh my! I got tons of advice… But the worst for me was people’s unsolicited desire to touch my belly… Even a stranger at the drugstore. O.o

  9. Everyone always said that to me when I was pregnant! Even though I know it’s true, I never say that to expectant mothers. It’s a buzz kill. Besides, everyone already knows babies do not equal more sleep for mama. My fave thing to say to a first time pregnant mama is “You’re going to love parenting. It’s the best thing ever!” It always gets a smile! “)

  10. shardakneen says:

    Ha, I just wrote about people doling out advice to pregnant women recently.
    “Enjoy this time” is one of the classics!
    Love the comic. 🙂

  11. Lisa says:

    I am in lala land and zinked out to give advice lok

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