Do you have a good metabolism?  My husband does.  His whole family is skinny.  They eat dessert after every dinner!  My metabolism is about as fast as molasses.  It just doesn’t seem fair!

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Do you have a fast metabolism??

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11 Responses to Metabolism

  1. I think I even gain weight eating sugar-free gum and diet coke. My husband just thinks about dieting and he loses 5 lbs! So not fair!

  2. sillyliss says:

    Same thing for my husband. I hope the girls got his metabolism instead of mine.

  3. Valerie says:

    Mine has definitely slowed down in the last few years! I am thinking about going vegetarian again soon, even though Samuel isn’t weaned yet. I know it would help my body a lot, not because of the lack of meat (I only eat poultry now, as it is) but because I tend to think in a healthier mode when being vegetarian! What’s up with that? All or nothing… 🙄

  4. Mine has slowed down somewhat in recent years, but I still think considering what I eat and don’t exercise it’s pretty good. I used to be a size 0. NOT ANYMORE!!! HA HA!

  5. yeap, skinny is pretty much everyone (including my husband) from N.’s family.
    I used to have a good metabolism, but then I had my thyroid removed and I can gain weight super easy 😦

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