Shaving? What’s that?

I am a very safety conscious mom.  I learned to not keep my razor in the tub because young children might think it is a bath toy.  While it has made for much safer bathing conditions, my own personal hygiene has suffered.

crazy mom 150

Do you forget to shave because your razor isn’t around??

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12 Responses to Shaving? What’s that?

  1. Haha! I have a very faint scar above my lip because I once tried shaving my face when I was a toddler, as I watched daddy do many times. My mother tells me the story all the time. She laughs about it now, but she says how terrifying it was for her back then. You know how a knick from shaving can sometimes bleed as though it were from a stab wound? Yes, well my face and neck were full of blood from the tiny little cut I made, but my mother saw my bloody condition and then the razor in my hand and almost fainted. Once she wiped away the blood and saw the tiny cut she was so releived. But my dad was in BIG trouble for leaving the razor out at child’s reach. So I totally understand this post haha!

  2. sillyliss says:

    Yes, indeed! But most of the time, I feel pretty meh about it. I wear pants all winter and long sleeve shirts. Shaving not required. : )

  3. Valerie says:

    LOL! I remember to do it, I just don’t have much time to do it in the morning when I shower! I generally shave on the weekend when my husband’s home and can hold down the fort while I’m in the bathroom for an extended amount of time. 😉

  4. It’s more a “time alone in the bathroom” thing…

  5. I still forget and my razor is in the shower…don’t worry it’s up high so the kids can’t reach it!

  6. When I run out of shaving gel and have to remember to put the new thing of it in the shower-I may not shave for days. Otherwise I don’t often forget because I hate the way my legs feel when I don’t shave!

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