My Dog is Fat

My dog is fat.  I know that sounds mean, but it’s true.  She is a beautiful and loving beagle, but over the past few years she has steadily put on weight.  We take her on walks everyday and we have a park where she likes to run free also.  Our vet recently commented that she is starting to resemble a coffee table.  Yikes!

crazy mom 112

Do you have any fat pets??

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15 Responses to My Dog is Fat

  1. Our cat is pretty chubby. When spring hits and he goes outdoors he trims out a bit. But from December to March he’s pudgey. He just eats and sleeps all the time. :/

  2. ours are still very young, so they aren’t fat yet but because this winter has been very cold here and our backyard is full of snow, they don’t go running as much as they usually do, so I have noticed that my bichon put a bit of weight and like yours he eats when my son throws them food on the floor ! ha!ha! funny pic, I can relate!

  3. Aurora says:

    We have a very large ginger cat who also happens to be wonderfully rotund. His name is Poly (as in roly poly) His nickname is “the great domestic beast.”

  4. ana74x says:

    That’s exactly how I used to describe our beagle, a coffee table. But they are still the most beautiful dog, even though they can be such greedy guts, lol.

  5. The biggest thing I miss about having a dog is how clean our floors used to be!

  6. wheezyfj says:

    Our “vacuum” weighs 140 pounds, but he is, surprisingly, slender. He has height on his side. 🙂

  7. Brittany says:

    We had a fat beagle too!! Haha. She was the most awesome dog, passed away last year at 16! We just loved her to pieces. Agree that the best part of having a dog is less mess to clean up!!

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