Baby, it’s cold outside!

Do you dress your babies up nice and warm during these cold winter days?  I try to.  Everyday I take the time to force a hat, mittens, and coat on my little one.  Inevitabely he tears each item off, leaving himself in just his clothes.  I’m lucky he keeps that much on.  People usually say, “Oh, that baby must be cold!  You should put a hat on him!”.   I DID put a hat on him….

crazy mom 136

Do your little ones keep their hats on??

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12 Responses to Baby, it’s cold outside!

  1. Valerie says:

    Samuel will keep his hood on, but NOT a hat…ever! lol Mittens frustrate him but he can’t get them off, so there’s that. 😉 I am sorry you have to have the hat battle so often. It’s a rare day here that he needs one. :/

  2. sillyliss says:

    Arggh. People used to yell at us all the time in public places because our baby wasn’t wearing her hat or mittens. I was just trying to get her from the car to the store. What should I have done? Glued those items to her person? Well, my baby days are over, but this post brought back strong memories.

  3. ha!ha! same here! mine never keeps his hat on! when I go visit my parents I get mad because they always tell me the same thing “why don’t you put him a hat, he must be so cold the poor thing” ah! yes , I did but between the car and the entrance my little monster found a way to get rid of it! they never believe me! 🙂 & knowing my parents, they must think I forgot to put it on !

  4. Funny: here in Norway you wouldn’t even consider taking you kid out in nothing less than three layers… all wool of course. Different cultures different routines I guess! If they dont keep the hat on you get one which is tied on! :-))))

  5. I HATE when people comment on what my kids are wearing/not wearing. Mind your own business!! I have just waited for someone to ask me why my son is barefoot in the dead of winter so I can reply, “I like to abuse him” OK, maybe I’m not that brave, but when he pulls his own socks off, what’s a girl to do? I throw them in my diaper bag now in case someone wants to call child protective services on me! ha! OK. I’m a little sensitive about this one. I’ve had one too many little old ladies make comments. :/

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