Dinner Time!

What’s dinner like at your house?  Mine usually consists of me running around getting things for people:  milk, ketchup, dressing, napkins – you name it!

crazy mom 126

Do you have relaxing dinners at your house??

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25 Responses to Dinner Time!

  1. Ha! Ha! It’s never relaxing here either!

  2. you are so funny-so true ditto here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. You got this so right!

  4. Anka says:

    No! I am running a full fledged restaurant during dinner time. But I never receive any tips for serving my family!

  5. Shel says:

    My dinner was like this until I adopted the following phrase… “It’s in the fridge, help yourself.” (Disclaimer – this IS NOT effective for toddlers who require condiment limitations.) 😉

  6. Story of my life! Sometimes I wonder if I will ever eat warm food again.

  7. Christephi says:

    Spot on! Which is why I always overeat…I’m constantly stuffing my face 2 minutes at a time ’cause that’s the only chance I get. Then afterwards I’m like, “WHOA! What just happened? Did I eat ALL THAT!?” LOL!

  8. Oh yes. Frankly, most of the time, I eat before (and then after) I feed the little mons… I mean, kiddies. Er. yes.

  9. tabbimarie13 says:

    If relaxing means my dinner is always ice cold and not so yummy…it’s totally relaxing >_<

  10. Valerie says:

    Busy! Dinner is busy!! Samuel is at the age where his tastes are hit or miss so I am trying to eat while also trying to get him to try different things. :/ Things he liked last week…or YESTERDAY are spit out or thrown, etc! ugh 🙄

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