Flu Season…

Has the flu hit your house yet?  When you have kids it’s only a matter of time until the flu bug makes its rounds to everyone.  When one of my kids gets sick, I know my house is a ticking time-bomb until the other kids get sick too.

crazy mom 117

Have your kids gotten the flu yet??

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12 Responses to Flu Season…

  1. sillyliss says:

    Oh noooooo. Do you get sick when the kids get sick? My mom has led me to believe that I won’t get sick just because they do. I’m going to buy some of those masks they make you wear at the doctor’s office if you have a cough.

  2. Ironically it’s been the adults who have been deathly ill this year! *knocking on wood very loudly* At the rate I’m going I’ll be sick until spring. Noooooo! I hope that everyone in your house stays healthy and happy this winter!

  3. We got hit with it last week, ironically just my husband and I were dying while the kids were healthily bouncing off the walls. Wasn’t good. Hope you don’t get sick too!

  4. Valerie says:

    Maggie was sick just before Christmas and we think it was the flu (definitely viral anyway, but more than a cold)…never needed to go to the doctor. Nobody else got it, which was really weird! My husband and I don’t usually get what the kids get, and a lot of times the opposite is true too. ?? No idea why!

  5. I’m almost scared to tell you that no one in our family has been sick yet this winter. I’m sure I have just jinxed myself! There is nothing worse than a family all being sick!

  6. Anka says:

    Yes, we got slammed with the flu! My little guy still has a runny nose. He’s only three, I feel so bad for him. Hope you all recover soon!

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