Car Seats

Do your kids fight getting buckled into their car seat?  My youngest has always protested getting into his car seat.  He usually screams, cries, and arches his back to show me how he feels about it.  I’ve tried a variety of car seats, just in case his car seat was the problem.  Guess what?  He still cried and screamed.  It definitely tries my patience on a daily basis.  I just look at it like it’s a workout, since he is so strong.  It really takes muscle to get him situated into his chair.

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Do you have a hard time getting your child into his/her car seat??

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16 Responses to Car Seats

  1. I think in particular active, physical kids just hate to be restrained… so annoying as heck for us when we want to go somewhere, but natural enough in the big picture, right?

  2. tabbimarie13 says:

    My almost 3 year old does this fight daily! -_- it totally counts as a work out!

  3. Valerie says:

    Sam is happy to get in when we’re leaving our HOUSE, but when we’re leaving somewhere FUN it’s a different story!! O_O He does all that you said that yours does – which is a workout indeed! I *love* the picture!! lol

  4. I was so happy to leave carseats behind when the kids got big enough for BOOSTER SEAT! Yeah… carseats are a necessary evil but a big pain to put kids in!

  5. Anka says:

    Probably one the best upper body workouts ever! As for stretching the mind, not so much. These carseat resisting kids give our brains a headache more than anything!

  6. I feel this same way about getting my youngest into his clothes and pajamas. I’m guaranteed two good workouts a day!

  7. sillyliss says:

    Oh my gosh, you hit on one of those things that can make me go from happy to blowing my top in zero seconds. The carseat. We went through a “hate the buckles” phase where she protested being strapped in and then immediately managed to undo the buckles just as I got onto the highway. Now we are in a phase where she wants to get in herself and it takes about ten minutes of playing around before she does it and I can buckle her. Ten minutes of me standing out in sometimes subzero temperatures in northern Minnesota, might I add. Unhappy mama!!

  8. Ugh! I spend my LIFE getting reluctant toddlers in and out of cars! I reckon the crotch strap is the key – once I’ve got a hold of it the rest seems to fall into place!

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