Remote Controls

Do you like to watch TV at night?  I do.  I don’t really care what I watch.  The television just serves the purpose of numbing my mind from a day full of screams and diaper changes.  Why is it so hard to find the remote control?  My kids like to play with ours.  I really never know where it’s going to be.  It really could be anywhere.  I once found it in the heating vent in our living room.  Makes perfect sense to me!

crazy mom 116

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10 Responses to Remote Controls

  1. ha!ha! yes! just like in our house! 🙂 ours has ruined so many of them; he breaks them or put saliva all over them 😉

  2. The remote is usually missing until dad gets home. Then we have to play the find the remote game. My husband just doesn’t get how I could lose something so precious. HA HA-it’s not my shows that are on during the day!

  3. We had several versions of the “toy” remote over the years…it’s such a joke! Beginning at 9 months babies know the difference between the real thing and the toy. The toy is not a substitute for the real thing!

  4. Riann says:

    The couch eats our remote controls…all three of them. It’s so strange, though…I know I always set the remotes on the coffee table at night. They must walk off the table and bury themselves in the couch cushions all of their own accord, because no one EVER touches them!


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