Ear Infections

Have any of your children suffered from ear infections.  I hope not!  My youngest son has had several.  And let me tell you – they are NO FUN!!!  No fun for him or me!  He doesn’t sleep well when he has them, which means I don’t sleep well.  I’m used to not getting a full night’s sleep, but a few nights in a row of a cranky baby means Mommy is getting crazy!

crazy mom 113

Have your kids ever gotten ear infections??

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25 Responses to Ear Infections

  1. I can’t click the like button on this post, because I feel your pain. My oldest had many ear infections as a baby. We finally had to put tubes in her ears when she was a year old. Those sleepless nights with a child who can’t tell you what’s bothering her plus a frustrated mommy who can’t help her baby equals total misery. Praying you both get some rest and feel better soon!

  2. Both of my kids went through it. The older one had them until he was three. Apparently three was the magical age-he hasn’t had one since. Now he’s had OTHER things (including being hospiitalized for vomiting/dehydration for a week-his birthday week!) The Princess had terrible recurrent ear infections up until this past Spring. We were one infection away from the dreaded tubes, when she just stopped having them. Hopefully we’re done with all of that! ;-P

  3. sillyliss says:

    Oh nooo. My kids have never had an ear infection, but my youngest has asthma and whenever she gets a cold, she does not sleep or breathe well for about a month. Torture, torture, torture. I hope your little baby recovers very fast!

  4. Anka says:

    Aw, hope your little guy feels better soon. Ear aches are NO fun for anyone. I’m pulling for you all to get back to normal quick!

  5. Just to clarify, I like the cartoon, not the ear infections! xoxo

  6. Valerie says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry (for both of you!!)
    My kids thankfully do not suffer with these, but *I* did as a child and it was horrible! 😦 The middle of the night was the worst. I have scarring in both my ears now, as an adult. :/
    It seems a lot of kids get tubes in their ears now. Is that something his pediatrician has considered? Or is it not that serious yet?

  7. my aimee always had these! she had such a bad time, but she is 9 now and touchwood they have stopped now. hope better soon. xxxx

  8. brittany says:

    My oldest had so many ear infections she finally got tubes put in at 10 months. My youngest has only had one so far, im really hoping there are no more!

    • momtimes4 says:

      We may have to go the tube route too. Did it help your child? Hope your youngest stays healthy!

      • brittany says:

        Yes, it helped her for sure. She hasnt had another ear infection since! They did hers in about 5 minutes at an appointment at the ENT dr. They didnt have to use general anesthesia or anything like it. Just put some numbing drops in her ears and inserted the tubes. We waited in the waiting room, and it was tough because I knew she was crying, but it was much better than handing her over to do general anesthesia.

      • momtimes4 says:

        That makes me feel a lot better! Thanks!

  9. Oh! I hope your son gets better soon! and hope you will get some rest very soon too! I know what it is not getting much sleep, my son has been having night terrors lately and it’s painful seeing him in this state. Hope your baby won’t have to go through these ear infections much more. Take care and big virtual hugs to both of you xxx

  10. Thank you, we will! 🙂

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