Chasing the Baby

Do your older kids ever want to play with a baby?  Most of the time my older kids don’t want much to do with the baby, but every now and then they really, really want to play with him.  This usually involves carrying him around like a doll and almost dropping him or chasing him around until he gets upset.  Fun times!!

crazy mom 109

Does your baby like to be chased??

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9 Responses to Chasing the Baby

  1. Valerie says:

    Aww, HAHAHA, yes! Both kids love to play with him and normally they do really great but sometimes Joshua (9) doesn’t read Samuel’s cues and keep going with something even though Sam is clearly done!

  2. No babies here. Unless the cat counts as a baby, then yes.

  3. Oh! 🙂 my little one doesn’t have a sibling but he loves chasing after our two dogs every day non-stop some times, I feel bad for these poor dogs 😉

  4. My kids are finally starting to view Cesar as an equal now that he’s 2 but prior to this they treated him like the ultimate doll! It was so much better than Baby Alive!!!

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