Juice Boxes

Do your kids drink juice boxes?  Mine do.  I buy them out of pure laziness.  It is easier for me to say “Go grab a juice box” then to actually venture into the kitchen and pour a glass of juice.  Now, don’t think my kids drink these all the time.  They get to have 1 a day.  But, I’m starting to wonder if more of the juice ends up on my carpets than actually in their stomachs…

crazy mom 111

Do your kids drink juice boxes??

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18 Responses to Juice Boxes

  1. cristinacole23 says:

    I have a 6 month old, and just like you said, he’d gently stroke it just a couple months ago. Now, I see stars once he grabs a chunk and forcefully brings it to his face to examine it close up. I know he’s not doing it to hurt me, he’s too young to know that, but I know I’ll have a habit to break soon lol.

  2. Valerie says:

    We don’t do juice boxes but there is a strict rule in our house anyway – any drink containing sugar must stay in the kitchen where there is no carpet (except me, my coffee in allowed because *I* am the maid, plus I don’t spill)!! Thank goodness my husband doesn’t take sugar in his coffee because he is the worst for spilling things and I can’t tell HIM to stay in the kitchen! 😉

  3. sillyliss says:

    Aaaah. That picture brings back memories. I kind of hate juice boxes. We get them for outside only. If they want to drink something in another room, it’s sippy cup only…or water only. : )

  4. fiammisday says:

    Not at the moment, but…..so funny, as always!!!

  5. Brittany says:

    Mine gets one of the new capri suns, a serving of fruit and veggies in it, but tastes like capri sun! She loves them. She gets about 3-4 a week.

  6. I haven’t bought juiceboxes since my daughter went on miralax. She has to have juice one a day to take her medicine-since you can’t put the powder in that little hole I don’t buy them! We have had juiceboxes at the grandparents house though. You can tell my kids are juicebox novices-it’s always the same thing-they take it just as I say “DON’T squeeze…” and before I can get the words out one of them has squeezed it and juice comes out of the straw like a geyster! MESS!

  7. jscowan says:

    I love juice boxes, but they can be messy. They are special treats when we happen to be out around meal/snack time. Thankfully my 4 year old learned how to drink without spilling. My 2 year old is still working on it. My car occasionally smells like apple vinegar, especially on hot days.

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