Hair Pulling

Do any of your little ones like to pull your hair?  Mine does.  It started innocently enough.  As a little baby, he would gently hold on to my hair with his little hands.  It was precious how he would fall asleep with a strand of my hair in his hand. But guess what?  He’s not a little baby anymore!  His gentle tugs feel like I’m being scalped.  I know, I should firmly say “no” and “re-direct” him.  Yeah….I tried that.  I guess the pain of hair-pulling is less than the pain of a “needy child” melt-down.

crazy mom 108

Do your kids pull your hair??

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9 Responses to Hair Pulling

  1. Brittany says:

    My youngest did such damage by hair pulling, my hair dresser has had to try different styles to cover all the ripped out pieces.

  2. Mine does the same, now that he’s stronger, he pulls it so much more 😉 ha!ha! these little ones they are all the same 😉

  3. Valerie says:

    Ponytail. Only reason I wear one. :/ Makes me look lazy, I’m sure, and it isn’t the most flattering hairstyle, but I care not at this point. In another year or so I’m confident I will be back to wearing it down. 😛

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