The Trash!!

Do any of your kids eat out of the trash??  I wish I could say mine don’t, but I would be lying.  My littlest one has been caught eating food out of our kitchen trash.  Please don’t judge!!  I have started to keep my garbage can on top of my counter.  Totally normal.

crazy mom 110

Have any of your kids eaten out of the trash??

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15 Responses to The Trash!!

  1. Masud says:

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  2. Both of my kids have been known to do that. The Princess mainly does it because she throws something away and then changes her mind and wants it after all. I think it’s kind of along the same lines as the ten second rule to her…

  3. My little has taken food out of the garbage as well. Also out of the dog’s dish. Please don’t think I don’t feed him enough. I feed him constantly. He’s a garburator.

  4. Valerie says:

    Haha, we have our kitchen in “maximum lockdown” with a baby lock on most things (including the trash can)!!

  5. jscowan says:

    Ugh! Yes! It’s disgusting and I don’t know how to get them to stop. I started taking any “goodies” to the outdoor trashcan where they can’t reach it.

  6. ha!ha! yes, almost 🙂 now everything is locked, even the garbage 🙂

  7. Hum, considering that my little one is getting ready to crawl and loves to stick everything in his mouth, I think I will have to reconsider where to put my garbage can.

  8. New to reading your blog, and I must say that this post makes me feel much more normal lol.

    Thank you and can’t wait to

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