Practical Solutions

I have some good, useful solutions for your everyday problems on this Friday.  No need to google how to fix things.  Your answers are here before you.

crazy mom 82

Do you have any practical solutions today??

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19 Responses to Practical Solutions

  1. fiammisday says:

    You are nso funny!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy to stopping by your blog!!! Thanks…

  2. irishsignora says:

    Problem: grouchy child Solution: chocolate
    Problem: overly energetic child Solution: outside!
    Problem: dirty kitchen floor Solution: dump bucket of water on floor and let children “skate” in their socks

    And your graphic cracked me up! Peace be with you 🙂 Kelly

  3. Love the last solution. In fact, I better get to the store today to stock up. I’m out of chocolate raisinets!

  4. The dark chocolate covered raisinets are almost sinful!

  5. I’m coming to you with all of my problems from now on!!

  6. Excellent!
    I loved the long day with baby crying solution 🙂
    Hmm let me see
    Too much washing to do…ignore
    Feeling tired & grumpy….chocolate
    Wanting to feel special…tell yourself that your beautiful
    Stains on carpet – Bi-Carb and water


  7. Don’t know what to do…Sleep 😀

  8. Love the CHOCOLATE solution! I need that now! 🙂 ha!ha!ha!

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