Mom Uniform

Do you wear the same type clothes every day?  I certainly do.  Unless on the rare occasion I have to go somewhere fancy-ish.  You know, like ….oh wait!  I don’t go anywhere fancy!!  This is my mom uniform:

crazy mom 81

What does your mom uniform look like??

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34 Responses to Mom Uniform

  1. Valerie says:

    LOL! My “uniform” is exactly the same as yours except I wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt depending on the season. 😉 When I go out, I just change my pants and shoes to jeans and tennis shoes! So stylish, I am…

  2. Yoga pants, long sleeved tee, hoodie, merrell slip ons. No I don’t go anywhere either.

  3. Kate Hall says:

    I feel fat in yoga pants and flip-flops hurt my feet, so I wear sweat pants and crocs with my stretchy shirt. To get dressed up, I put on jeans and my nice tennis shoes. Classy.

  4. irishsignora says:

    Jeans with pockets, shirts that cover my hips, and running shoes (all four of mine are under age 6)! — Kelly

  5. Today I put on a pair of jeans because I was going grocery shopping! Hallelujah!!

  6. WH says:

    Almost the same. Trade the flip flops for cushy socks and Adidas flops. And add a zip up fleece. Our house is drafty, so I take warmth over style points any day. ~w

  7. ha!ha! 🙂 same as yours! except I wear socks even in the summer! 🙂 so funny 🙂

  8. same here, my toes look awful , I need a pedicure … ha!ha! 🙂 I’m laughing because the last time I had a pedicure was in 2009 (not kidding) 🙂

  9. I do love my comfy clothes and live in them quite a bit but on the days I don’t workout I try to make an effort to get “dressed up”. That usually includes a pair of jeans, black long sleeve tshirt(at least it’s fitted) and a pair of flats or flip flops. My poor husband…..

  10. I do change my knickers and bra 🙂 and I work in an office so I HAVE too be semi dressy. At home…trackies..T shirt or singlet or shorts or..or 🙂

  11. fiammisday says:

    If you need some tip… 😉 I’m at your disposal…..

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  14. Winding road says:

    lol! yes! Fancy means putting on earrings or a necklace with said outfit

  15. Mine is short pants, my son’s t shirt and cheap-o flip-flops, if I need to go somewhere i just powder my face 😀

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