Bath Time

I used to take long bubble baths to relax.  I would kick back, turn on some music, and read a fun magazine.  Nothing calms the nerves like a good bath.  Nowadays, if I try to take a bath, I somehow end up with 4 other children with me.  I’m pretty sure they think the bathtub is a water park.

crazy mom 80

Do your kids try to get in the bathtub with you??

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12 Responses to Bath Time

  1. yeah and they laugh at all my wobbly bits! x

  2. No, because our tub is so shallow I rarely take a bath! I want a deeper one. I’ll keep dreaming!

  3. Valerie says:

    I haven’t had anything but showers in years! If I *did* take a bath, I’d lock the dang door, I can tell you that! 😉 I’m not showing my *bits* to anyone but the hubby. Lol

  4. Baths, showers, toilet time…there they both are right along with me! 😉 They don’t climb into the tub with me much anymore, but then again I rarely have the luxury of a long relaxing bath so showers are it for me!

  5. WH says:

    They would if I would let them. I end up taking my baths late at night once they are sound asleep, but I’m usually so tired I end up dozing in the tub. I agree, it’s not what it once was. ~w

  6. Yes, mine are 1 and 2 and they follow me everywhere! I take my showers at night or during their nap for that reason!

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