It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Do you know that Christmas song?  Yeah – whoever wrote that obviously was not trying to stay on a budget with kids.  I know, “presents are not the reason for Christmas”.  You’re right!  But, my kids still want presents and are not afraid to ask!

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Do your kids have Christmas lists already??


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27 Responses to It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

  1. One yes, the other no. My daughter is like Sally on A Charlie Brown Christmas. You know: “Please note the size and color of each item, and send as many as possible. If this seems complicated, please send tens and twenties.” She’d better get over it pretty quickly-it’s not gonna happen this Christmas! She’s also been so desperate to have presents under the tree that she decorated boxes with markers and put them under there!

    My son has been difficult to get any answers out of. I finally asked him point blank what action figures he didn’t have. He hasn’t stopped talking about it since I said that. I should have kept my mouth shut- the only one of those I saw that he mentioned not having was $10-for a little action figure! Oh my-I remember saving my money and going to the dime store to buy mine for a couple of dollars. 😀

    • momtimes4 says:

      Ha Ha! That is really cute that she decorated boxes. So sweet. My older daughter is that way too. 🙂

      • Brynn is going to be extremely disappointed come Christmas morning, I’m afraid!

      • momtimes4 says:

        Oh, I can relate. My daughter said, “I know Santa is going to get me an I-pod touch”. I said, “Santa knows that Mom and Dad don’t want you to have one.” Meaning, no way am I buying that! 😉

      • Oh that’s funny, and useful! I’ll have to remember that!

        We got them a used lite brite at a consignment shop to share (a whole $1.25!). It’s one of the great big square ones with two drawers chock full of pegs. I hope it will keep them occupied so maybe they don’t notice there’s little else. I think it may work for the older one, not so sure about her!

      • momtimes4 says:

        Actually, I hit the motherload at a garage sale about a month back. I got a whole tub of like-new Barbies and Barbie clothes. It was $15, but there is a lot in there. I’m going to give it to both girls to share.

      • That’s awesome! I really didn’t do much rummaging this summer, which is too bad! I did, however, find a big bag of little Disney princesses and accessories at the consignment shop. I have it in a container, but don’t want to put it under the tree until I have something for Ezra too. He’s been a hard one-boys must be hard on action figures because I sure don’t see them at the thrift stores like I do the girl’s Barbie, pony, etc stuff!

      • momtimes4 says:

        I totally agree. All of the boy stuff I find is usually pretty banged up. I’m still not sure what I am going to get my 5 year old boy, John. And my 1 year old boy doesn’t know the difference anyway.

  2. Of course, my kids have Christmas lists already! Their daddy always encourages them to start early! 🙂

  3. greenandclean says:

    We try to keep it pretty mellow with toys around here. I think I fret over it more than my boys do. I may have to update on Christmas morning. A few things each – that’s all.

  4. My kids have had their Christmas lists going since October!!
    I am one of those moms who do not like tons of toys around, mostly because they only play with them a short time before they get sick of them. However, I don’t want my kids to not be happy with their gifts. It is hard because so many of my friends spoil their kids like crazy this time of year and I prefer to stick with 5 or so gifts each with only a couple of them being “larger gifts”. It is a fine line between making sure your kids enjoy the day with the fun of opening gifts and making sure they aren’t too spoiled!!

    • momtimes4 says:

      I totally agree! It is hard when they have friends that are spoiled, so they get to see all the gadgets. We try to pick toys that have good reviews. I hate buying something that they hardly play with. 🙂

  5. Valerie says:

    Our kids definitely want certain things. Whether or not they get those things is yet to be determined by the size of Daddy’s bonus check! 😉

  6. hiouf! not there yet! 🙂

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