Makes Sense to Me

Do your kids ever say something that is so close to being right yet so far.  I mean it makes sense to me, but it’s so wrong that you want to laugh?  It’s kind of like when I try to learn to words to pop songs.  I never seem to get it quite right.

crazy mom 78

Have your kids ever gotten the words wrong??

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11 Responses to Makes Sense to Me

  1. Constantly. It’s too cute! Sometimes it’s just off enough that I have no clue what they’re saying. Brynn was going around talking about “Damanshens” the other day. What was she talking about? Dimensions? I finally had to ask. She was so irritated with me “A DAMANSHEN is a big house that some people live in, MOM!”

  2. sweet! my son was really fired up one day after sports day practice, and said its all about the winning mum not the taking part!, i said no isint it the other way round, oh yeah he says! x

  3. wheezyfj says:

    Wait, it wasn’t Frankenstein??

  4. 🙂 so funny! mine is just starting (still too small) but my 5 year old nephew is the funniest, he used to call my hubby “upp ma” over a year and a half ago, I used to laugh because no one would understand him but me: he was trying to call him “superman”, he used to get so upset and cried when my sister-in-law would say “Gabi, your uncle is not a mama” !!! 🙂

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