Lost and Never Found

Do things disappear in your home?  By “disappear” I really mean “someone put it somewhere and we will never see it again”.   I’m not talking about Dad’s keys and wallet.  I’m talking really important things, like toothbrushes.  Where do they go? Don’t people always put their toothbrush back on the sink or in the cabinet????  Not here.  I don’t even want to tell you the places that I have found toothbrushes.  There are other things that go missing around here quite often.

Do things go missing at your house??

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16 Responses to Lost and Never Found

  1. For me, the things that dissapear are from your unimportant list. Btw, have you seen my glasses?

  2. irishsignora says:

    This happens ALL. THE. TIME.at our house! The biggest “losees” are shoes, especially our littlest’s shoes, which somehow manage to turn up on the feet of our daughters’ stuffed animals about half the time. If you see a stray Thomas light-up sneaker, size 5, please send it home 🙂 Peace be with you! Kelly

    • momtimes4 says:

      Ha Ha!! The shoes..oh the shoes!! This happens everyday. I have tried so many ways to stay organized with shoes, but with a little one who carries them around the house, they are always getting lost.

  3. I have about 17 pairs of sunglasses, including three prescription pairs, and a pair of actual glasses. Lost.

  4. Our toothbrushes frequently end up in the toilet. Socks… I swear an evil sock burglar crawls into the house every couple of days and steals them. What the heck? If I could convince my boys to wear tights, I would! Just to never have to deal with the bag of odd socks ever again! (Rant over) (Congratulations on the Beautiful Blogger award, BTW. xoxo)

  5. greenandclean says:

    Ditto on the lost stuff. My son calls the imaginary stealers “gervils.” I just love your illustrations.

  6. sillyliss says:

    That is hilarious and so true. I remember on Halloween night handing Emilia her trick-or-treat bag and telling her to hold onto it. Then I zipped up Sidrah’s coat so we could leave. In the course of that zip, the bag disappeared. An hour later, it was found in some ridiculous location. Kids are very special. Or they are ghosts.

  7. Yes! And sunhats and sunscreen (today, on a 40 degree day) and birthday invitations and important forms and their appetite whenever I cook something wholesome!

  8. I think the socks are holidaying with the kids hair bands whilst the dog lead and toothbrush are making plans for their great escape.

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