Escape Artist

Do any of you have a child that can escape through any hold while getting their diaper changed?  My youngest will wiggle his way out of my arms every time!  It’s always mid-diaper change.  You know, before he’s all the way clean….Yeah…I’ve tried distracting him with toys, singing songs, “re-directing” – you name it!

Do any of your kids do this??

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12 Responses to Escape Artist

  1. Oh yes. Mistress of the diaper change on the run here.

  2. I had two Houdinis. Both would escape and run off! 😀 Nothing tops my college babysitting story: I was babysitting a toddler who got away from me during “the change” and went dancing and singing through the house, then sat down on the living room carpet. The beautiful white living room carpet. It made a perfect brown butt imprint! I wonder why they never asked me to babysit again?

  3. Valerie says:

    Yes, Samuel started squirming and writhing and getting away from me at around 11 months old. The changing table wasn’t working at ALL, so I tried the floor. This didn’t work either – in fact, it was worse!! But then, THEN, I figured out what to do…I am right-handed so I placed my left leg across his body with a slightly bent knee (mine, not his), exposing just his lower half for me to change. I am sure it looked wild and weird, but it worked. He only attempted to get out of this position for 2 changes, then he gave up because it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for him to succeed, and I guess he figured that out! 😀

    I had to for this for about 2 months and then one day I tried to change him without doing it around 13 months old, and he just stayed put like it was no big thing! I’ll have to take a picture of this position sometime so you can know what I mean (since I’m sure my explanationi was clear as mud!) 😛

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