Oh Christmas Tree!

Has anyone else put up their Christmas Tree yet?  We always do on Thanksgiving night.  Our tree used to look like it was out of a Home Decorating Magazine.  Now that we have kids, our tree looks more like it is out of a magazine called “Composte Weekly”.  Because of a few “mishaps” last year, my husband has decided to wire our tree to the wall so it can’t be easily toppled over.  We also let the kids decorate the tree themselves.  Have any of you done that?  It results in all the ornaments being on the bottom 1/3 of the tree.  The tree has also become the “fort” for the kids.  They like to eat their snacks under the tree and hide in the back of the tree.  I guess they don’t realize that we can still see them there.

Do you let your kids decorate the Christmas tree?

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14 Responses to Oh Christmas Tree!

  1. How big is it, in real life? 🙂 My 10 yo and 7 yo put out tree up on Nov. 20 while I was putting the 3 y o down for a nap. One year, they insisted on having it up on Nov. 1. I, myself, am very Grinchy about Christmas: if I had it *my* way, the tree wouldn’t be up until the 24th and down on the 26th. so I guess it’s good they take the initiative!

  2. When we were little, my Mom used to put the tree in the playpen. Seriously! Last year we tried to tie our Christmas tree up since the tree stand had broken. It didn’t work too well.

    We DO let our kids decorate the tree. I just finish up by putting stuff on the upper parts. I am VERY interested to see how the tree fares this year with our dog that eats everything! We’ll be putting it up this weekend. Stay tuned for interesting blog posts. 🙂

  3. Awww. The kids that we decorate our tree with now are all grown up, but I’ve saved some of the priceless construction paper ornaments and our tree still looks good and homey.

  4. Valerie says:

    LOL, wiring it to the wall is a great idea! We are skipping all ornaments this year and just putting on the lights and the star because I’m afraid that Samuel + hooks = possible death!! Maggie and Joshua love to lay (lie?) under the tree and look up at the lights. It’s “tradition”, they say. 🙂

  5. I let my kids help decorate the tree but I also try to guide them so that the tree doesn’t look like complete poo. Our tree is still pretty but I remember growing up…oh goodness. Why my mom let us put handful upon handful of those icesicles on the the tree I will never know!!

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