My Holiday Diet Plan

Do any of you out there tend to go on a diet during the holidays?  Nothing scares me into a diet more than Holiday get-togethers, family reunions, and bathing suit season.  But guess what?  Dieting during the holiday is brutal.  Brutal!  Treats galore every where you go.  Holiday parties, Christmas concerts with receptions, the list goes on and on.

Do you plan on dieting this Holiday Season??? 

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9 Responses to My Holiday Diet Plan

  1. I reckon I pig out all year round! Can’t help it love my food toooooooo much!

  2. Valerie says:

    Well, the thing with diets is that they just Period. A change in eating habits, yeah, that can work, but RESTRICTION and counting cal/fat and all that is just doomed to fail, so I *hope* no one is planning to diet this holiday season! 😉 That being said, it IS a good idea to plan to eat healthy during your every day life (even during the Christmas season!) except for the special parties, dinners, and special events! If you eat balanced meals and healthy snacks all the rest of the time, those holiday events won’t hurt you. 😀
    P.S. I adore your cutie little drawings!

  3. I cringe this time of year. I have to apply a method…ie. not eat much 2 days leading up to the Big Day so then I can allow myself some spoils. Sad I know, the older I get the more I have to watch the middle aged spread ark! We have to allow ourselves some freedom on Chrissy Day.. a little of bit of everything… just a taste..get your fork out of that Trifle and Pudding and custard woman! Ok I shall be good I promise ;-)… maybe.

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