Join My Virtual Party!!

My lovely blogger friend at littlepoppits invited me to her fun Virtual Wishing Party!  I’m so excited because this is my first “virtual party”!  At this party we all make a wish, and just maybe they will come true.

The rules said you have to invite 5 bloggers and 5 virtual guests who cannot be family. I’ve never been one for rules but I’m guessing I better stick to some, so I’m gonna have five special blogging guests of honour, but our whole blogging family is invited, you know like to PARTY!
I am inviting these awesome bloggers:






My wish is For all wars to end and to please please please let my baby sleep through the night!!!

Virtual guests:

PSY (Gangham Style guy – now that would be entertaining!

Ellen Degeneres – for the comedy!

Jack Black – would be hilarious!

Suzanne Collins – author of Hunger Games

Mozart – I know he’s dead, but I would love to meet him!

I hope you come along with me!  Leave your wishes in the comment section and go ahead and start a party of your own!!  Thanks!!




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9 Responses to Join My Virtual Party!!

  1. I also wish for all wars to end and your baba to sleep through the night! Xxxxxx

  2. Valerie says:

    Thanks for the invite! 🙂 My wish is a bit closer to home; I wish for a quick recovery for my little one who is sick with his first cold. 😦

  3. I just received my invite! Hope I didn’t miss the party. In case I did, my wish is that BOTH your baby and my baby sleep through the night. This would free us up to share a laugh with honored guest Jack Black. Sometimes I can’t even look at him without laughing! 🙂

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