Quiet Night at Home

Our nights are often spent around a cozy fire.  We tell stories of long ago.  We read historical books and knit.  I often sew homemade clothes from freshly spun yarn.  We eat petite fours and sip on tea.  JUST KIDDING!!

What are your evenings like?

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9 Responses to Quiet Night at Home

  1. My husband is gaming on the laptop or on the Xbox, my son is standing on his head on the couch, my daughter is chasing the dog around the house, and I’m trying to get caught up on all the housework that I should have done that day but didn’t. In other words, it’s chaos. Until Dad yells at the kids to go play in one of their bedrooms that is! 😀

  2. momsopinions says:

    It’s just like you’re describing my family life! This is just the way it is when you have young children.

  3. half way through your post I actually believed you!!! 😉 if only it were like that!

  4. Valerie says:

    Hubby is falling asleep on the couch while I get the little one in bed and the older two are playing-no, fighting-no, playing computer games together. 😉

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