Mommy is Losing Her Mind!

Do any of you out there have a child that is very demanding?  Our youngest has always been very intense.  He has fit every criteria for “high needs” since he was born.  Don’t get me wrong – we LOVE him to pieces.  But I would be lying if I said it never got me down.  He only wants Mommy and he wants Mommy all the time.  Good for snuggling – Bad for sanity!

Do you have kids that are demanding?

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8 Responses to Mommy is Losing Her Mind!

  1. My daughter was and is that child. It gets better in some respects, in others not so much. Even at four years old, she must always be right next to me, or on my lap, or at least touching me somehow. She has been known to trick her brother into moving when he’s sitting next to me so she can have me all to herself! And she and the dog-oh boy! They constantly fight over Mommy. When we have cousins over, she makes sure that no one tries to steal her Mommy from her!

    As I type this, she is sitting as close to me as humanly possible. Imagine that!

  2. How old is he? This comes and goes…

  3. my son is like that. It does get better with age (the clingy thing) but I’ ve read that once a child is high needs, he/she will always stay high need…You just have to focus on the positive stuff! Along with being high needs they have other great qualities not to be overlooked. I can relate though, having a high need child is sometimes very draining…(I am still surprised I let N. convince me with having no 2) xxxx

  4. oh no!! i don’t have kiddies but i was 9 when my littlest sister was born and right there is sending me back to flashbacks when on babysitting duty!! lol.
    new reader here and i’m excited to find another artsy blogger. 🙂

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