Shut The Door!

I don’t know about your kids, but my 16th month old gets into everything!  Everything!  You name it, he’s found it.  For obvious reasons, we have a rule in our house that you must shut the bathroom door whenever you leave the room.  Of course, my older children often forget this important rule.  I find myself yelling “Shut the door!” every time I hear someone leaving the bathroom.  This request is not always followed.

Have any of your kids ever done this??

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6 Responses to Shut The Door!

  1. They’ve both done it. Thank goodness they get past it!

  2. That rule is never followed, but it’s our job as moms to keep reminding them. I’m constantly yelling shut it! Ha ha!

  3. No, because our door does not stay shut. I had to put a hook and eye down at the kid’s level so they could close it and keep it closed when they are in there.

    However, what IS shouted at our house is “WHO POOPED AND DIDN’T FLUSH? OR USE TOILET PAPER???” I have never quite figured out how we can go through so much tp when two of the four members of our household never seem to use it.

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